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Is My Consulting for you?  I work with my client deeply until results happen, so I I am committed - and only work with few.  Here are some of my 1ON1 Small Business Consulting Testimonials From Satisfied Clients. 

Who do I work with?

Students Come From All Over The Globe.  


  •  Families, Singles, Single Parents and students who want to create new roles

  •  New Small Business startup owners (both online and offline)

  •  Small business owners and teams

  •  Passionate Idea types, inventors, Innovators 

  •  Freelance Consultants, Coaches, Trainers, therapists 

  •  Leadership Minded Managers and business owners who wish to acquire in-demand skills

  •  Heart Led Local family independent micro and small business owners 

The processes and systems that I use are not Limited to type or background. Anyone can see results from my 1ON1 training in Small business consulting 'if' accountable.  Here Is A Small Selection Of my Small Business Consulting Testimonials:

Katrina Tasbaz - Bristol UK / Dubai Head Of Sales Division


Greg has a unique ability to understand where you are coming from very quickly and what your most important goals are.   Whether you want to develop business ideas or you need personal help or business help he will give you 110% support.  When one thing works then it helps other areas he showed me and as a Salesperson I love what I do and I am successful in my role but, there seemed to be something holding me back to the next level.  I always thought that Consulting was not worth wasting money on - but after speaking with Greg I figured out that I needed his help to pinpoint what my message was - and he helped me to feel like a new focused person with a solid clear vision who had clarity around the actions required.  I felt literally unlimited and un-stoppable from that point on - and I decided to moved from the UK, left my old job, sold my home, and now, i live in dubai as a sales executive and I love my life.  I am married with a young Daughter - and I learned to KNOW 'what I could do and was always capable of'.   Thanks to Greg for helping me plan and take action on my goals, and in understanding me so well and helping me to live fully, openly and without limits!  I highly recommend hiring Greg to help you take your ideas or Business to the next level, you won't regret it. 


Small Business Consulting and Business ideas
Small Business Consulting and Business ideas

Sophie Monos - UK / Hungary E-Commerce Business owner


Greg Has Always Been A Great Source Of Wisdom For Me Online And Offline.  He Has Helped Me To Improve and Increase My Success Rate And It Began With My Mindset.  I Didn't Realize That My Perspective Was So Important To my own Growth and Success And It Helped Me To Identify My Ultimate Role I could feel fulfilled in and This is when I Started Seeing Massive continued measured Growth In My Own Small Business.  Not Only Has Greg Helped Me To Change My Thinking but, He Has Helped Me To Understand what I sell and why. And in applying specific daily action changed everything.  Thanks Greg You Are The Most Down To Earth REAL 'Yet' knowledgable, Supportive Motivating Person Who Encouraged Me and kept me accountable To Be The Best.  Highly recommend Greg as a Consultant.  



“I’d like to start by saying thank you. Thank you for helping me realize that I am capable of way more than I thought. And that my ideas could work.  And thank you for the non-stop support.  I love that I have had the pleasure of having you help me see that I could take that first step into the world of invention.  And to taking control of my vision and taking action to achieve my goals and dreams that I always put off. Greg you have been an inspiration and an invaluable resource for me - and have helped me to develop a 'can do attitude' in order to take specific daily action to realize my ideas and turn them into products.


Greg has a really personalised approach to consulting and has tailored his style to meet my needs - and he supports me in the challenging situations I’ve encountered on my journey towards achieving my Ideas and Business goals.  His step by step approach emphasizes the importance of having an ultimate goal or goals but equally emphasizes the importance of the small steps one must take in order to achieve them, success is a journey, not a destination.


When I first met Greg I was unhappy and unfulfilled in my professional life and my personal goals and dreams seemed unachievable from where I was (at that time) in my life. Greg helped me turn my mindset and actions around by insisting that I focus more on my tools and resources and what I could whilst managing costs.  He also helped me to USE my past ‘failures’ in a new light, so I could use them.  Experiences, lessons learned and challenges became opportunities for personal growth and Business development! His knowledge and practice of Business Development is awe inspiring and has helped me overcome the daily challenges I have faced on my journey.  I took my Small business ideas and started to develop them into real Marketable products which I was able to approach potential buyers with.  All using the most effective targeted self promotion and marketing.  Simply - he will know your business goals and will increase your growth in any area.


If you feel the need to change your circumstances and develop in your life and business I wholeheartedly recommend Greg de Tisi.


All the best for your journey and future success!”

Greg De Tisi Small Business Consulting
Greg De Tisi Small Business Consulting

Robert Leat - UK Weight Loss Expert and Personal Trainer


Working With Greg Has Helped Me and My Business To Grow.  He is very knowledgeable and he has helped me to come up with some realistic powerful ideas and income strategies to build my training business and brand.    Having a weekly meeting with him has helped me to stay on track and see where I could increase revenue streams. I would definitely recommend Greg as a business consultant/mentor.


Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Expert

Yadna Ragoo - Entrepreneur Mauritius 


Greg is full of energy, enthusiasm and he motivates you to KICK BUTT! I worked with Greg and we connected very well.  I can say with confidence that if you are looking for a true gentleman and Business leader who can get you results when you are determined on succeeding in your life - then Greg Is Your Man!  What Greg showed me was that my mind and skills were my assets. I could use what I already knew to build businesses. And is where the real change happened for me.  I know now that having a solid plan and measuring goals and numbers will change everything. Since I have been working with Greg my life has been completely transformed, and when I got focused on my strategy, everything started falling into place - as I took specific strategic action in my role which Greg recommended.   I had an idea to create luxury beach side huts and apartments but needed the right guidance from an expert. And Thankfully I met Greg, who is that expert.  He showed me how to rent out for the right prices and create and grow a lucrative business model.  Thanks so much Greg.  

Small Business Consulting client
Small Business Consulting

Kim Wildish - Essex Micro Business Owner


I am a mother of three and love my kids very much and my husband - but I became a bit lost distant with knowing my passions and felt I needed more of a purpose.  Greg helped me to see that I had to work on self -communication and tapping into my ideas to explore these.  And as we moved forward together I started to find a core reason to have a focus around my passions.  And my family and I decided to start a new life in a new location near the Sea where I could express myself more and where we all would live a more creative life.  This was something which helped the whole family. Greg will help you I am sure - as he is warm and seems to understand and listen more than anyone I have spoken to. He has an ability to support you in growing a passion or idea very quickly. I have found a new lease of life and now grab every opportunity and adventure I can.  If your joy and success matters to you, then I know working with Greg that it is possible for you also. 

Sadequr Rohman - Gloucester UK English Teacher

Greg is an amazing mentor who has been very supportive, great at listening, empowering me and has given me some amazing strategies to grow my business! I highly recommend hiring him as an expert as he is a knowledgeable Business coach who will support you and help you reach your Business growth goals by planning through to measuring your results. You may have thought your goals were out of reach or just not possible, but you are probably wrong. Greg is a great guy, and a results creator - and he is very down to earth! Thanks so much for all your help Greg!

Small Business Consulting
Greg De Tisi Small Business Consulting
Jessica Fleischer - Kickboxing Champion Fitness Instructor
Greg is a incredible guy!
I was originally a guest on his podcast but since then he has helped me with both personal development advice and business strategy! He is genuine, easy to talk to and best of all, knows what he is talking about. What he says works!
I would highly recommend working with Greg (and read his books too!)

Dominik Mikula - Perth Australia - Digital Nomad Global Traveller

Greg is a truly great mindset coach and business expert, and he will help you to get laser focused on your most important goals. But not only that, he will also help you to realise your business goals and build sustainable growth in your venture. Highly recommend working with him.  Greg is rare in that his energy and passion will help you move on what is required. He will systematically grow your Small Business with you no matter what your past experience is, and he will drill down and define your core niche and unique Value Proposition, in order for you to beat ALL competition. 

Greg De Tisi Small Business Consulting c
Andrea Sexton Dursley UK - AdmirePR 
Greg is a great Mentor who will support you with your most important life and business goals and he will work with you until you see results. He is a personal, caring guy who works deeply with his clients and can highly recommend him to anyone with an idea or passion they wish to express or evolve.
Eduardo Dominguez - UK / Tenerife Cafe Owner 
Working with Greg helped me to discover my greatest passions, design a plan and develop it into a role which I could enjoy every day. Without question - I recommend working with Greg if you wish to evolve your ideas, grow a small business 'or' if you have no clue yet where to begin. Greg will help you reach your goals and get results working alongside you and using zoom.
Greg De Tisi Small Business Consulting U
Greg De Tisi Small Business Consulting c

Jacob Joynes - Florida Sales Executive


Working with Greg was amazing. He is very detailed and knowledgeable and truly teaches you what you need to succeed. No nonsense. Just real techniques, strategies and the real ways to achieve the passion, vision, success and goals you desire. He is one of the very few people who really understands how things work, and he is willing to share it. His help was tremendously helpful for me - a truly life changing experience, which also happened when I really needed it. He also helped me to write my first ebook.  So, I personally recommend him to all my good friends that I think might need his Business Support and help. With his help I've been able to go from having only a vague vision of where I wanted to be and my goals, having very little confidence in my skills and not knowing my purpose, to having a crystal clear vision of my goals and purpose. I've developed great confidence in my skills and he has helped me begin building my business and start gaining a following. I am forever grateful for his help. 10/10

Richard - Tenerife Small Business Owner

Greg I just wanted say thank you for all your help and support.  You have done more for me in our sessions than anyone ever has in my life. I am lucky we met and I have now made a great friend and have a new direction in my life. I defined my goals and now have opened a new Gastro bar in the center of Puerto de la Cruz. It's called Carpe Diem (shown on the right). A name which I now live by! 'Seize The Day'.Something I think we all should live by. Thanks for everything Greg - I will be sure to keep you posted.  I can highly recommend anyone seeking to hire an expert with their business to choose Greg.  Thanks again Richard.   

Small Business Consulting and Business ideas
Greg De Tisi Small Business Consulting

Honor Townsend – Norfolk UK Small Business Owner Award Winning Private Chef

There are so many people out there who say they can help and guide you – but in my experience there are very very few who show the ingrained passion and integrity for what they do as much as Greg.  He is the most comfortable person to talk to. He is completely engaged with you and personally invests his energy and genuine interest in your journey and passions, identifying your personal obstacles and helping you clarify and simplify them to find a clearer way towards your most important goals, and above all, he will help you to develop the true belief that it’s achievable!

It has been a blessing for me to come across this very special and warm hearted life and business guide. You’re not just another client with Greg but a valued and special individual with unique values that he helps you discover and tap into.  I would recommend him to anyone who is stuck, confused, overwhelmed or just needing to clarify and build a life and business which is their dream to do.  He will help you craft and design your plan for your future prosperity.  Anything is attainable and Greg supports you in  believing that.  – Thankyou so much Greg 

Daisy Rollo - UK and France of ‘Coffee Arabica’ 

Greg – many thanks for the consulting we had last week, I have now started to apply all your suggestions and advice and made the changes that you recommended, by connecting my social media campaigns the right way, so it was really clear and helpful for me. I will not hesitate to recommend your Business Consulting services!  With Greg’s help we managed to formulate a plan of action for my site and business which I Am so deeply passionate about as my business grows.  Thanks Greg, Daisy!

Greg De Tisi Small Business Consulting c
Small Business Consulting and Business ideas

Anna Pala - Manager Bristol / Italy


Greg is a lovely guy, professional and very flexible. I found his consulting sessions were incredibly powerful and he helped my with a presentation I was putting together.  He also he helped me to break down any challenges or problems I faced into manageable pieces and get results. I was able to walk away from our sessions knowing exactly what next steps I needed to take for the first time in my life and understand what my purpose was.  I was able to focus with great power and work through them. And best of all - he genuinely cares about the people he works with!


Thank you Greg!

FAQ's And Disclaimer:


Q: 􀀁Does this training really work? I have tried so many other things before.
A: 􀀁Absolutely! I WILL GET RESULTS! You and I are a team, and we are going to discover your passions and ideas and build a Small Business you will love working in every day. We will also find out what is temporarily keeping you from your goals and what to do to resolve this. All of the work you have done before now will be a foundation for us to finally get the results you want. BUT remember that IT IS 'YOU' THAT NEEDS TO PUT IN THE WORK also. I can share my advice and show you what you can do - but you have to do it.
Q: 􀀁How long will it take to start My Small Business?
A: 􀀁Very quick. But as you may know, each person’s situation is unique, and sometimes it can take longer to define the right business model and to establish the right role and structure. All of my clients have gotten truly amazing results very quickly. As we create the vision, set goals and define the challenges to drive consistent daily growth, it will be easier to evolve the model. I usually work with my clients for 3-6 months. 
Q: 􀀁How much will it cost to reach my goals?

Q: 􀀁How often will we work together?
A: 􀀁As a Consultant I like to work in hour sessions mostly once or twice a week. However, the choice is yours to decide what is most convenient for your schedule and when we can get together.  If you want your Small Business Ideas to come to life then you have to put in the time and energy, to see results happen.
Q:     What If I Am Too Busy? Or I Want To Quit?

A: You can quit anytime but you must also realize that this is probably not going to get you where you wish to be. This is why YOU are 100% responsible for your own actions. It is not about me or my training to make you work. I can empower you, guide you & motivate you and I will but, I will not try to persuade you to stick with me If you are not 100% In.  I can say that, If you manage yourself and take the right actions you will see huge positive results - as ALL of my clients have so far, without question.

Q: Why Would I Choose You And Not Another Coach, consultant Or Small Business Coach? 

A: That is totally your choice.  I would say that you need to do your research as I always would myself with anything I was interested in.  Look at a variety of people. Go to Google and have a good look.  You will want to feel happy with working with someone that is right for you. I personally only work with the right types also, so we both have to have a connection. I give 100% and I work deeply with my clients so, the success rate with my students of Small Business consulting is high. There is no reason why I cannot help you as well in any area you need help with if you work with me.  But in the end it has to feel right for you. After all, we are in a feeling universe! DO WHAT FEELS RIGHT! 


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