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Grab your favorite beverage!  As it's worth knowing a few things.

I will start by saying that sadly 8 out of 10 businesses fail in the first 5 years, because of various factors which I help you to avoid.  Starting and running any business - no matter how small, can be greatly challenging and overwhelming.   

Leaving a job and entering the world of business means that we are changing the roles we are used to,  and this means uncertainty and the fact that we need to understand that the luxuries and comforts of employment we were once used to will no longer exist. 


To start with - the mindset of a business owner becomes different to that of an employee, so we have to learn to change our attitude and role to become a person who is detached from the comforts of employment and become an independent leader.    

Have you always wanted to create a Micro or Small business but were a bit scared?

Well that's natural and common but; when you can A) discover what you want and why, then you can B) create a solid plan to get you there by matching it to a market need or demand.  


You can have all the tools in the world to help you, but without the right mindset and understanding of various factors including knowing your role, your customers, your numbers and whether or not you will need funding, you may never succeed. This is why - with my 15 years of experience and education in helping small business owners develop and scale their businesses I know I can help you with the core fundamentals, but also with the attitude which will be vitally important.  


Having a great Business plan, the right business model, great products, a strategy, business partners, team tactics, tech and market knowledge are all essential, and all play a huge role in developing and growing an enterprise - no matter whether its an online small business or a local traditional bricks and mortar business, the principles are the same.  Expert help can get you there quicker 'and' you can avoid many of the risks and pitfalls of starting blindly.


Business success is about the right daily measuring of data, consistent effort and  specific action. And if you don't have a strong partner or team with you, then the risks of failure may become way higher in the first 1-3 years by going it alone.  Working with a team of 10-50 can be very demanding, and so this requires a person to be open minded to others needs and requirements, and an ability to work under pressure whilst maintaining the right output the role demands, whilst all having a shared vision and passion under one roof.   

So, if you are hiring a team or a partner, you will need to know how to be able to lead and manage with equal measure. 

Many Business owners and leaders fail because of a self interest or ego, above the interests of others and in being team players, so I also help you with the dynamics necessary to create a common drive and purpose where communication is paramount.  I also consider the environmental effects of business products and operation, and am a passionate supporter of lowering Carbon, creating sustainability, green energy and healthy progress for our world.

TIP: Understanding self leadership, mindset and personal development played a huge role in my own growth both personally and professionally and I believe that it makes all the difference.  And having an energy, passion and focus every day for your enterprise and team will give you an advantage over others. 


Now, whether or not you decide to hire me,  you will need to be aware of how important your role is - and how important hiring the right types for other roles is also.   Always remember that you want that shared vision. 

If you are ready to start creating results then my Small business consulting may be for you, as I cover all areas required to start and grow in order to turn your passions into profits.  The tools I use are designed to help you succeed and to cover every area of business.  And this will enable you to grow your Small business correctly, quickly and effectively.  


Have an idea?  What's the Vision? 

Cool,  I will help you to develop your Business Ideas into a fully functioning profit producing small business model or product.   We will work through your ideas and see if/where we can develop them so that they serve a specific need to your target demographic. 

It will pay you to ask these questions now:


  1. What Do I Really Want? - Spend some considerable time on this, this is your life after all. so it pays to really consider what you can see yourself doing every day.  

  2. Why? - What is the reason why you want it anyway? figure out why you might want this role and what it will really do for you and your loved ones. what is behind the reason?  

  3. What Do You Know About It? - What is your knowledge of this? do you need to know more? how can you study others to learn your craft and to master these areas to become the best? 

  4. What will this role do for you in life? - This is about designing a life of your making. 

  5. What might you sell? - What amazing products/services would you feel proud to sell? would they be services from you personally or products created by you or others?

  6. What will be your unique differentiation from your competition? - as you need to Stand out or you may fail.

  7. 'Who or what' do you know about others in this field/area? connect with them ask as many questions as you can and also visit business events to really understand this area. 

  8. Remember that you want to be found by the right types, so put yourself in the mind of the ultimate buyer, client and imagine what they will be searching for. And then give the greatest customer experience they could wish for. 



Knowing 'What you really Want and why' Will Change Your Life. And knowing Your Message and How To Communicate It With The Right Exposure and Marketing Is Vital To Delivering Your Unique and Authentic Brand In The Right Way. 


Why do I do what I do?

Simple - I was college dropout and went from dead end job to dead end job, at 30 I was burned out, so had to get clear on what I wanted to do with my life. I slowly built a writing and consulting role, grew a small business around my passions and developed my Small business brand and hired experts to help me grow.  Then I wanted to help other Small Business owners all around the globe. 


Now I help to support growth and revenue through a variety of strategies as a Small Business leader.  I have a great deal of experience in all areas of business growth and development - and study business strategy, Business news, trends and changes every single day.   It's my life. 


Want to start a Consulting or Coaching Business? Every business needs the right tools and you can click on the link below to see which tools have helped me build a solid business  CLICK HERE FOR MY RECOMMENDED TOOLS 


If you are looking for help in getting started with your dream business from an expert then I would love to see if we are a match.  I guess you really want to change something and get results or you wouldn't be here.  So, that's the first step!  I will help you achieve your goals whether you are local or global.  

If you wish to become a founder, start a new role, Start a Startup, Evolve a Business idea, invent something, innovate a current product or service, build a Small business, then great, as I have already helped hundreds of clients all over the globe from many backgrounds so I'm confident I can help you.  


If you already have a new small business but it needs development, and you want to increase your revenue, you need to learn the vital skills in today's ever changing business world - and I will help.  


Take a quick look at what I support below.


  • Starting and running a new or established small business offline or online.  

  • (Offline meaning traditional, bricks and mortar start up) or growing an existing business model

  • Strategic Content and e-Book business writing for branding, positioning, marketing and Income

  • Targeted organic Lead Generation, List Building, optimised website / organic content and SEO

  • Delivering the 'right' Message, mission, value and Communicating Trust. Niche, Ethics, Vision

  • Social Media - Leveraging Linked In, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter Youtube Marketing

  • Identifying your Personal strategic Branding, Positioning and exposure effectively

  • Creating Various streams of income In your business model

  • Outsourcing to save time and money and expenses and Team building 

  • Communication, Blogging and Website Marketing for Call To Action, building relationships

  • Understanding & Knowing Target Market Niche and your core customer demographic

  • Innovation of Business ideas, strategies, tactics and delivery of effective product Ideas

  • Goals, Focus, Mindset, Productivity, Tasks, Roles and Daily Organization

  • Finding your unique passions, skills and experiences and turning passions into profits

  • Knowing competition and differentiation and researching to stay in the game to be better 

  • Business Funding, Forecasts, KPI's, UVP, Cash flow and Reserves, Systems, Processes, Business Planning, Marketing Planning, Daily Measuring, Monitoring and developing of the Business Growth to increase bottom line Business income, revenue and managing all numbers. 

  • Important understanding of of decreasing unnecessary expenses/costs. 

PLUS - OFFLINE ADVERTISING MEDIA, EXPOSURE SUCH AS With Flyers, Events, Meet ups, Conferences, Lumpy mail, demographic research, but also Zoom for meetings, understanding use of self to promote, and so on. 



NOTE: I have various trainings and books which can help you to start a small business in the right way.  I built my Business by implementing certain processes, principles and strategies which you can also apply in order to become a a trusted leader or Professional personally branded expert in your niche. Click below to see my tools and check out my self study course which includes my $10k per month Blueprint and every tool you could need to grow a successful work from home Small business. Even a Consulting Business as I have - and you can start training from your phone. 

My Small Business Consulting is all about results. But you may prefer studying alone?


When starting a new small business or looking to work from home you need to learn how to be productive and manage your day to increase growth and get results fast. This Is THE Only Way YOU will succeed by progress, and by creating and measuring your results. 

If you are thinking of working from home like me as a trainer, coach or digital Business owner or consultant, and you want to start attracting the right customers or clients, then you need to understand the fundamentals of the customer journey and experience. In my course will be able to help you get started - look at my $10k pm Passion to Profits Self Study Course, if you are keen to get started on your phone and on your own for a low introductory price of just £29.70.

Small Business Consulting and Business ideas
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