Business Growth Coach Greg has created 25 wealth and self help books based on his Personal Life Coaching and Small Business Coaching.  He has life altering books designed  to help you to make personal, powerful and positive changes in areas such as personal development, happiness, career, peak performance, small business, mind mastery and self growth, entrepreneurship.  If you are looking for a book to help you then maybe one of these can help?  Here are just some of his books. 

Life and Business Coaching
Life coaching and small business Coaching

The first book entitled 'Love, Passion & Purpose TM' was Greg's first powerful work sharing how Greg himself had to overcome many struggles to get success and how he focused on his passions alone. He shows you how he can help others to do the same techniques no matter what past failures have been. His simple 3 Step idea has already worked for many people across the globe.  So, this Inspired him to create 1ON1 Personal Life Coaching Training In Bristol and Personal Coaching Courses In Bristol UK.  Also a Self Study Course System which Involves his unique powerful techniques combined with profound life altering work to shift doubts Into successful expectant goals.   Greg offer's 1on1 Passion To Profits TM Coaching which can be used in conjunction with his Courses.  


Book two is called 'Enter The Changing Room'.  Here Greg explains how we must learn to think and feel differently in order to create different results.  As simple as It may sound Greg found that this Idea was what helped him to make great changes.  Based on Greg's own results and as a Life Coach he created the book to be clear and it contains useful powerful exercises to help you kick start right away to changing your life.  In essence Greg say's 'WE NEVER REALLY CHANGE WHAT WE ARE!'  WE ARE WHO WE ARE says Greg! What we Change Is our PERCEPTION which may be off balance or warped, Into a more positive productive mindset.  And there is when LIFE CHANGES. Greg's Life and Small Business Coaching and Courses as well as his unique Style will help you to start the process from the inside. Maybe you want career coaching or life coaching and this book may help you to decide what changes you want.


Book three is called 'Raise Your Energy Master Your Life'. This book Is a result of Greg's quest to raise awareness and energy In Individuals who were getting stuck,  and also finding that their results were limited or average.  This Is also for people who are GETTING FRUSTRATED, and STRUGGLING TO GET BY IN LIFE.  Greg set about creating a simple yet practical guide so that the reader could begin understanding personal power and energy.  Also, how this energy can be used for positive results plus of course greater success.  In addition Greg says that this idea can also greatly enhance and build better relationships In a very profound way.  Greg says either energy is low or high. We have to create positive lives by thinking right and feeling right.  Much like the energy rush high or buzz you get after exercise or seeing live music which allows you to get into a frame of mind that is powerful and expectant of greatness.  This is the real key to all success.


Book four Is called 'Attraction In Action'.  INCLUDES  SELF STUDY MANIFESTATION COURSE ($497 VALUE) This  book Is the result of Greg's studies of The Law Of Attraction over the last 9 years.  Greg Is also a fully qualified Life Coach and LOA Master Practitioner teacher and, he was taught by Dr Joe Vitale Of The Hit Movie 'The Secret'. Greg has helped countless people to get clear on using this often misunderstood universal principle.  Now you can transform your life just as Greg has. The book Is explained In a way In which it provides practical actions that you can use just as Greg taught himself to manifest His own goals.   First ask yourself what you really want! Greg say's that when the subconcious mind is alligned with the conscious mind it is then easy to demonstrate anything.  Often Self Confidence and belief are the starting points to altering the subconscious.  Then you can go for what you really desire.




Book five Is called 'Save Money And Make Money Now!'.  Greg noticed that people needed simple & practical ways to start cutting back In areas where they could.  Also that there was a real need for people to begin growing an Income creatively.  Greg wanted to provide something which shared areas that has helped him master his finances.  With the pain and stress of the current recession (As In 2013) we all need a little help to getting started with controlling our own money.  Life and Small Business Coaching In this area is vital to an education for our future and that of our children says Greg.



Book six IS called 'Information Age Millions!' This Is a very powerful and valuable book. It is the book that most people at present are buying to make a serious income and business online.  Greg has carefully and openly shared all of the ways In which he has made an online empire. Greg states that, 'We Must Learn To Create Multiple Streams Of Income Today To Survive'.  He has studied over 100 Millionaires and added his knowledge with the online Income niche and this Is the result.  A truly life altering guide to building an online empire.  Greg suggests that One Of His Life and Small Business Coaching Areas will help you, and Greg always advises to 'GET HELP.  HE ALSO SAYS THE KEY TO ANY SUCCESS AND ONLINE SUCCESS IS TO BECOME GOOD IN ONE AREA AND THEN MOVE ON!'  KNOW YOUR GAME and then solve big problems.  If you are ready to start building your empire then grab a copy NOW. Learn how Personal Life and Small Business Coaching can help you TODAY. 







Greg's latest book is more of a guide.  'How To Write a Best Selling e-Book In Just One Day' Is A Demonstrstion Of How Quickly You Can Get Your Very Own e-Book Out There.  This is very simple yet powerful book designed to help you start your own e-book writing career.  You don't need to be an expert writer you just need to be someone with a passion for what they love.  Couple this with action and you can have your own e-book up and running very quickly.  In Greg's case he created this in just 9 hours to show you what can be done.  If you are serious about success with writing and publishing yourself then you may want to look deeper and grab this book today.  You that you will not be disappointed at all.  




Greg has just created another Law of Attraction book.  This powerful addition to his series get's right to the point of what it means to tap into our own power and manifest what we wish to see in our lives. 'Manifest The Best' is designed to help you to quickly shift your mindset and aim at what really matters to you, in a way which is simple and accesible.  You will no longer find it complicated to understand and act upon inspired ideas and intuition.  This is the only guide you need to change your life now using The law of Attraction to your advantage.  And the best part is that it's only just over $2. 




'Stop Self Sabotage NOW!' kind of speaks for itself.  It is very simple in the sense that, we all need direction sometimes and even if it is a reminder that we are capable of much more than we think.  We can all experience self sabotage and ruin our success.  Sometimes, we are not even aware of what we are thinking, so I created tbhis book to help those who wanted to conquer their lives and blast past the clutter of internal conflicting ideas that we so often all have.  You and I have the ability to direct our conscious mind and subconscious mind so that we can master and manage our life more effectively.  So far this book has already helped over 100 people significantly change their perspective and create much more success and I only finished it 3 days ago.  I am happy that it has impacted on so many so quickly.  If you are not quite getting what you deserve in life then grab a copy and say goodbye to self sabotage.      





The Only Simple Guide You Ever Need For Success Is Just That.  Everything you need to know is in this book to get you on the road to success in any area you wish to pursue.  Whether you want more business ideas or you want to work from home.  Maybe you would love your own coaching business or to train in a new vocation, either way you will find the exact principles for MAXIMUM success that Greg has used himself and many other highly successful experts have used to design their lives.  Study this book and take action and you will be saying goodbye to failure and struggle.  Click on the image to get a sneak preview of the simplest book that can change your life in a matter of weeks.   Well, wbat are you waiting for click the image and take a look at the most popular book in Greg's series.     




Intentional Manifestation 'The Art Of Deliberate Creation' This my latest book based on creating the life you were born to live by intentional manifestation.  I teach to my clients that mindset is just as important as taking action because one has to have the energy and focus to move forward with deliberate expectancy rather than with overwhelm and stress.  This book will help you to manage your mind and to expect what you wish for which will help you every day moce quicker towards your goals.  if you are stuck and need a helping hand in life then look no further as this book is designed for you.  Maybe you want a new life or have some business ideas that are not yet fully formed?  Or perhaps you want to work from home and don't know how to get into the zone every day, well then this book is for you. 





7 Simple Steps To eBook Income I think this an obvious title.  if you want to learn from me how to create income from writing your own books then this is the book for you.  I have 14 ebooks so far and make a great living just from these alone.  In this book you will find real, workable simple solutions to starting your ebook business just as I have.  I also offer 1ON1 coaching to help you to craft great book covers get more sales and how to promote your ebooks.   




In Greg's latest book 'Simplicity A Handbook For Happy Living' he decided to tackle the areas of stress, anxiety and mind mastery.  This book is an easy read and will help you to get clear on where you are heading, gain more natural focus and understand your own happiness in every day life.  This is now a best seller in it's topic. 






The 'Little Book Of BIG Quotes' is 100 of Greg's own quotes designed for you to use and apply to your own life.  UK Coach Greg includes the quotes, the message behind it and how you might use it. This is a little fun book that anyone can use to help increase their success and happiness in life.






Greg once struggled to have enough focus to finish anything and and realised the importance of The power of true focus when trying to build a business so he decided to write this based on what he learned and with inspiring true stories of others who have mastered focus in a variety of life situations.  This is one of his greatest selling books and has inspired so many.  


Here is Greg's latest book called '18 BIG Business Tips for beginners and bosses. This book has been crafted to help new business owners and bosses alike. The reason why it works for both is because many bosses do not understand the timeless principles which make a business super successful and so, no matter whether someone is just starting out  or not these tips will change and improve any business no matter what.  You can grab a copy here and become the greatest in your market OR if we work together you will get it free alongside my full $10k per month self study system.  



Small Business Coaching, Getting Results - Committed to my clients reaching their personal and professional goals for over 10 years!

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