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Small Business Growth Consultant, Blogger, Author and Podcaster Greg so far has created 26 Personal and Business Growth books, all based on his personal life experiences and education. Some are below.  The books are designed to help anyone make personal, powerful and positive changes in areas such as personal development, leadership, peak performance, business development, mind mastery and self growth and entrepreneurship.  If you are looking for help from a person who has overcame challenges and mastered his life and business, then maybe one of these can help? 

Small Business Consulting and Business ideas

'Love, Passion & Purpose TM' was Greg's first book on how Greg had to overcome many struggles to shape and design his life, touches on how he focused on his passions and he shows you how he developed them into a purpose driven Small Business consulting business.  But it also touches on how others may do the same, no matter what past failures they have seen. His simple 3 Step idea has already worked for many people across the globe.  This Inspired him to share it with others and create Training and Courses.  There is also a Self Study Course which Involves these unique powerful techniques combined with profound life altering work to help anyone build and design a life from their ideas.  Greg offer's 1on1 Passion To Profits TM Consulting which can be used in conjunction with his Courses.  

Small Business Consulting

 'Enter The Changing Room'.  Greg explains how we must learn to think and feel differently in order to create different results.  As simple as It may sound, Greg found that this Idea was what helped him to make the greatest changes.  Based on Greg's own results and as a consultant he created the book which it contains useful powerful exercises to help you start right away to change your life.  In essence we can change PERCEPTION of life, which may be off balance or warped, Into a more positive productive mindset.  Greg's Small Business Consulting and Courses will help you to start the process from the inside.  Maybe you want to carve out a new empowering role, and this book may help you to decide what changes you may want to make.

Small Business Consulting and Business ideas

 'Raise Your Energy Master Your Life'. This is a result of Greg's quest to raise awareness and energy In himself and Individuals who get stuck,  and also show that anyone can change their results even if they are currently limited or average.  This Is for those who are FRUSTRATED, and STRUGGLING TO GET BY IN LIFE.  Greg created a simple yet practical guide so the reader could begin understanding their own personal power and energy.  Also, how this can be used for better results and greater success.  In addition Greg says that this can also greatly enhance and build better relationships.  Simply - we have to create our lives by thinking right and feeling right. 

Life and Business Coaching

 'Attraction In Action'.  INCLUDES  SELF STUDY COURSE ($69 VALUE) This is the result of Greg's studies of creating the right life connections.  Essentially we bring into our lives either the right people and situations or the wrong people and situations. And, Greg learned to master this and also hired the help of Dr. Joe Vitale Of The Movie 'The Secret', to help him.  So Greg could learn to bring in more of what he wished to create and he has since helped countless people to get clear on using these often misunderstood universal principles.  The book Is explained In a way which it provides practical actions that you can use, just as Greg has taught himself to with his own goals.  Often Self Confidence and belief are the starting points to altering our results. This can help you to understand what you really want. 

Small Business Consulting and Business ideas

 'Save Money And Make Money Now!' is a book to help anyone improve their financial situation.   Greg noticed that people needed simple & practical ways to start understanding their finances.  This included cutting back in areas.  Also there was a real need for people to begin mastering money and growing revenue creatively.  Greg wanted to provide something which shared areas that has helped him master his own finances.  With the pain and stress of the current economic crisis, we all need a little help to getting started with controlling our own money.  

Small Business Consulting and Business ideas

 '18 BIG Business Tips For Beginners and Bosses'.  This is simple guide to help any business owner maximise their growth through specific and strategic proven principles in business which 8/10 business owners tend to miss.  It is for anyone regardless of their experience in business and has already helped thousands of business owners and operators around the world to master their enterprise.  Free copy @  The Small Business Growth Blog  

Small Business Consulting and Business ideas

 'This Little Idea Went To Market'. Do you have a great idea? Well - we don't really know if any idea is in fact worth anything unless it has been fully explored. That where this book comes in.  It will help any aspiring inventor, innovator or a great imagination to evolve ideas or not.  That's the point.  We don't want to waste time or energy trying to make something work which simply won't.  On the other hand ideas can change the world.   


 'Small Business Success Guide'. It is often the simple processes and systems of a structure which determine whether it will work or not. And this is often what many businesses startups miss.  When they miss the fundamental core principles of starting right, they tend to become another statistic of failure.  But this book will help you to start right with your ideas or passions no matter what area or model you wish to start.

Small business Consulting and business ideas

 'STOP self sabotage now'.  This is a book which helps with mastering the mindset. Greg overcame his own sabotaging beliefs in his 20's and in doing so managed to build greater levels of growth and success.  We often don't always know that we are sabotaging ourselves so this book can help anyone who wants to move to the next level, but may be stuck.

Small Business consulting and business ideas

 '7 Step Simple Guide To eBook Business Income'. This will anyone who is seeking to start their very own ebook or even physical book just as Greg has.  Inside you will find that each step is there to help you formulate your idea and expand this idea into a book which the market needs. From creating book covers and content to using your ebook as a brand positioning and traffic tool. it's all in there.   

Small Business Consulting and Business ideas

 'The Little Book Of BIG Quotes'.  This book is designed to inspire and support change through using the right words, phrases, mantras and sayings. The point is that when we can full our minds with the right words we can shape our minds, and so hopefully this simple reminder can help those who need a little motivating from time to time. There is also a second book now available.

Small Business Consulting and Business ideas


 'The Power of TRUE Focus'. My best selling book so far.  It comes from my own struggles in my younger days where I couldn't focus on anything, and so I dropped out of college and lived a life which was a mess.  So, I had to learn to plan to get clarity and to master my own focus to reach goals. This comes from personal experiences and from stories from both myself and from others.  

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