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I Believe that, discovering and expressing our greatest passions and ideas leads us to live valuable and worthwhile lives - Greg

Are you looking to start an exciting new Micro or Small Business Now?  Maybe you want to grow an idea or passion, or start a new role as a freelancer? How about use your talents? Or create a local or independent store, or maybe a family run business, or finally reach your personal goals.  Maybe master your work life balance? No problem! I will help you to quickly reach your goals and get results 'fast'.  If you are looking for a an expert, Business Consultant or a business development coach then great, I can help. My experience spans over 15 years in helping clients both locally and globally get solid results.  I am truly committed to you.  This is what I do daily and I give 100% support:

  • Work personally with you to Identify core business brand name, website, structure & register business
  • Work with ideas, passions, experiences, skills, strengths to form ultimate and ideal role and location 
  •  Research market demand & needs with your idea ensuring timing is accounted for 
  • Create a purpose driven robust Small Business Development Plan including UVP  & KPI'S.  
  •  Design a crystal clear Business development & business Model strategy with seed funds and start right 
  • Creation of organic SEO driven content within marketing mix and defined PR set up for online/offline promotion
  •  Ensure focus is on your Vision, Mission, ethos, and start ethically and consciously, including lifetime support  
  • Set up Bank account Customer service CRM management, manage retention, revenue, recommendations 
  • Set up Payment processors, recurring payment processes, pricing model, identify streams of income 
  • Establish cash flow & reserves, TAX, fees, invoicing, automation, offers, discounts, coupons  
  • Define role as a Small Business Leader and create top team task performance within each role 
  • Create businesses both online and offline for maximum results, growth and retention 
  • Ongoing support and help with hiring teams and partners to ensure shared passion and vision  
  •  BONUS: When we work together you will get free tools and my 25th bestselling ebook 
  • Access my MY SMALL BUSINESS GROWTH BLOG here  supporting resources to help Small businesses 
  • Why hire a Small Business Consultant? EXPERIENCE = I have been where you are now & have built businesses
  • SPEED = I will get you there way quicker than going it alone and that's a fact
  • ACCOUNTABILITY = I will be there to support you when you struggle and face challenges which you will
  • Fact  8 out of 10 businesses fail  as they do not start right and that's where I help
  • NOTE: Small Business Consulting Sessions Are Limited as I prefer to work deep with few
  • I 'only' work with committed passionate accountable driven types - please only apply if this is you 
  •  Not in the UK? That's no problem - I happily work with local and global clients since 2006
  •  Contact me at this site - fill in the form below and we can chat about your needs
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Small Business Consulting Business ideas
Small Business Consulting Business ideas
Small Business Consulting Business ideas