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Have an Idea for a Small business? Chat with me below! 
I Believe that, discovering and expressing our greatest passions and ideas leads us to live valuable and worthwhile lives - Greg


Are you looking to start an exciting new Micro or Small Business Now?  Maybe you want to grow an idea or passion, or start a new role as a coach, consultant or freelancer? Maybe use your hidden talents? Perhaps create a local or independent store, or run a family business, or finally reach your personal goals.  How about master your work life balance? I will help you quickly reach your goals and get results 'fast'.  If you are looking for a a Business expert, Business Consultant or a business development coach then great, I can help. that's what I do every day. My experience spans over 15 years in helping clients locally and globally get solid results and create solid reliable business plans.  I am committed to you.  Here's what I help with:

Work personally with you to Identify core idea, business brand name, structure & register business
Work with ideas, passions, experiences, skills, strengths to form ultimate and ideal role and location 
Research market demand & needs with your idea ensuring timing is accounted for 
Create a purpose driven robust Small Business Development Plan including UVP  & KPI'S.  
Design a crystal clear Business development & business Model strategy with seed funds to start right 
Creation of organic SEO driven content within marketing mix and defined PR set up for online/offline promotion
Ensure focus is on your Vision, Mission, ethos, and start ethically and consciously, includes lifetime support  
Set up Bank account Customer service CRM management, manage retention,
Set up to Manage reviews, referrals, revenue, recommendations, repeat custom 
Set up Payment processors, recurring payment processes, pricing model, identify streams of income 
Establish Business model, cash flow & reserves, TAX, fees, invoicing, automation, offers, discounts, coupons  
Define role as a Small Business Leader and create top team task performance within each role 
Create businesses both online and offline for maximum results, growth and retention 
Ongoing support from registering business to help with hiring teams/partners to ensuring shared passion and vision  
Access my MY SMALL BUSINESS GROWTH BLOG here  supporting resources to help Small businesses 
Why hire a Small Business Consultant? 
EXPERIENCE = I have been where you are now & have built businesses
SPEED = I will get you there way quicker than going it alone and that's a fact
ACCOUNTABILITY = I will be there to support you when you struggle and face challenges 
NOTE: 8 out of 10 Small businesses fail  in first 1-5 years as they do not start right, that's where I help reduce risk
Small Business Consulting Sessions Are Limited as I prefer to work deep with few
I 'only' work with committed passionate accountable driven types - please only apply if this is you 
Not in the UK? That's no problem - I happily work with local and global clients since 2006
Contact me at this site - fill in the form below and we can chat about your needs

Full Business Plan cost from £250 across 1-2 weeks. This unless otherwise stated as some plans will take 3+ weeks.

£70 per Business Consulting Session: 6 sessions or more discounted at 25%



Prefer To Study Without A Small Business Expert?  


Try my self study course. Comes with a full 28 day money back guarantee

Creating a New Work from home Role or Profitable Micro/Small business with a complete passion 2 profit system

Currently Just £19.70 (RRP £97.70) includes $10k p/month consulting blueprint, Comprehensive Video Training's

& 1:1 hour session with me. TRY IT HERE FREE

Small Business Consulting Business ideas
Small Business Consulting Business ideas
Small Business Consulting Business ideas
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